Monday, September 9, 2013

Math on Mondays

Hey Everybody!  I hope you all had a super day today.  I am trying very hard to get back into this blogging routine. Between school and home responsibilities in can be tough.   Amen ????

So.... for the rest of the calendar year I am going to talk about math on Mondays.  Today I am going to give you a brief overview of how we have started off the year.  I have been in school for 3 weeks.  Today is day 15 for us.

I am to follow the Investigations series.  For the most part I love it!  However, at times I thinks it moves too fast for my little team of folks this year.

We have started daily data.  For now in our class we have one question a week.  On Monday we answer the question.  On Tuesday we draw the diagram in our notebook.  On Wednesday we tally.  On Thursday we make a graph and on Friday we write a number sentence and put our data into words.  We will follow this pattern for a few more weeks.  Our daily data is displayed on a magnet board I have attached to a  bulletin board.  
Students record their daily data in a spiral notebook that was cut in half.
  I am working on the children with how to record all their data on a two page spread.  This is supposed to be a quick routine we do every day.  At this point my students are not able to do anything quick.

We have also began our introduction into money.  We created this chart. as we explored the coins.

I changed the way we keep our money.   I like these Glad containers better than the ones I have used in the past.  Students have an easier time getting the coins out. 

What have you been doing in math so far this year?

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