Monday, June 6, 2011

Math Labels

It has taken me a while put I finally got my math labels made. I went to school this afternoon and added the labels. I know there are numerous math labels out there, however, I need some labels specific to my classroom. I made the large labels using Avery Shipping Labels # 8163, then, I converted them to a PDF file. I hope you can use them. If you do please let me know.

Large Math Labels

Large Math Labels 2

I have some smaller containers so I needed to use smaller labels. I used mailing labels.

Small Math Label

Check out my math closet with the labels:


  1. Wow!!! It looks so good and organized! Good job. :)

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  2. I can open the large math labels 1. Would you mind sending it to me
    Thanks for sharing they look great!

  3. Very nice! Your link to large math labels 1 doesn't work though.

  4. I tried to fix the link for the Large Math Labels. Pleas let me know if it is still not working.

    Busy Bee I will email you the link to the google docs.

    Thank you all for the kind comments

  5. What graphics are you using for those? I love them?

  6. I purchased the font from lettering delights. It is called Giddy Gingerbread.
    Thanks Mrs. Coe for the kind words....