Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest Blogger...Sharing About Awesome FREE Stuff for Your Classroom!

Hi, I'm Nancy from The Apple Basket Teacher. I feel very honored and humbled to be asked to Guest Blog here at Barrow's Hodgepodge! We love free stuff as teachers, don't we? Aren't we also are great at taking things that had one intended purpose and modifying them for one that meets the needs of our students and classrooms? Well, there's a company that fits the bill...Vistaprint!
Several years ago I was on a teacher group site and saw a folder labeled Vistaprint. At the time I just figured it was something having to do with the 'vista' operating system (the one between WindowsXP & Windows 7) so I just ignored it. Recently I came across Vistaprint again and learned what it really is! It is a company that makes advertising materials. Part of their marketing is to offer lots of stuff for free, hoping to get you's worked..I'M HOOKED!
Let me show you some of the things I've received for my classroom, all of these items were made with their templates/designs and I only paid shipping!
Sign for my classroom-it says 'There are no bad apples in this bunch!'
100 Thank you postcards
100 I Have..Who Has postcards
100 Supplies request postcards--on back lists supplies I can check off
50 over sized postcards for recommending books--back has name title & why they would recommend it
Sign for our school

100 You did a bloomin' good job post cards
140 labels--my first ones for book order...hard to see the date
140 labels--new book order labels..easier to see due date

25 (now have 50--ordered twice)small magnets...dry erase works on them--for groups and graphing

10 large magnet--gave to some friends at school

car door magnet for birthdays
car door magnet--it says 'these got separated from the bunch' for no name papers

key chain !
Missing work tablet
from my desk note pad

10 letterhead (ordered twice so 20)

50 Rack card office/health clerk passes
self inking stamp
just for me!
tote bag 1
tote bag 2
School cap
Whole Brain Teaching Rules

It's 'recap' time! (I snagged this idea from another teacher!)

School Shirt

sticky notes
sticky notes

my mug
sticky notes

my mug!
small window decal

Apple Basket Teacher Pen
Apple Basket Teacher Pen (another design)

These are items that I did pay something for, but I felt it was completely worth the money!!!
personalized polo $19.99

personalized long t $13.49

mouse pad $3.99

My cards 250 for $3.99

10 large magnets $2.49 for uploading clock face

250 (ordered twice so 500) first order $2.49 for uploading apple basket image..2nd order free!
This is for my behavior chart...purple is the top color...the kids LOVE getting these!
car door magnet $4.99 (not sure if I ordered too many free items)
GREAT..where I live there's LOTS of strong winds..I've lost many testing signs through the years!

These are items that I found on the web somewhere and uploaded the images...$4.99 for each upload. (additional orders of the same design...FREE) I'm grateful to the teacher who designed them and I wish I knew who it was to give them credit! (If your not familiar with the 'bucket filling books and 'program' google it, because that would be a whole other post! :) )
car door magnet for classroom

25 business magnets I plan to give next year's students for Christmas
250 business cards
Using Vistaprint is SUPER easy! You can click on the link below on the word 'Vistaprint' (above nancy wilson recommends Vistaprint) and it will lead you to a page that offers 250 free business cards. You will also find in the left hand column more free offers. Once you place an order they will send you LOTS of emails for more free stuff! I bought the shirts when I had an email for free shipping on orders $30 or more...then I ordered everything free that I possibly could!!! I have also made personalized pens, notebooks, and note cards for friends and family. The average number of items I've ordered at a time is 8 and the average amount of money spent is $23. I personally think it is a GREAT deal! Google 'Vistaprint for teachers' or 'classroom' and you'll get tons of ideas of how you can use their items in your classroom. Thanks Mechele!!!
Nancy The Apple Basket Teacher

Save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today!

The Apple Basket Teacher

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