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Guided Math Book Study {Chapter 3}

Chapter 3 is being hosted by two fabulous bloggers.  Read their thoughts on this chapter, it doesn't get any better.  Michelle from Making It As A Middle School Teacher has a great video and Tania from My Second Sense has a post full of visuals and great information.


Chapter 3 was all about using math warm-ups.  This is how you start your day.  I think we all agree that the morning routine sets the tone for the day.   I think that each teacher has different routines.  I know in my classroom, my morning routine has a variety of math and writing.  I am required by my district to have writing portfolio time for the first 20 minutes of the day.  While my students are doing this they are also completing X-tra math on the computer and writing in our number of the day notebook. 

This chapter describes in detail Math Stretches to begin the day.  Ideas are also provided on how to incorporate them into your classroom.
  • Data Collection and Analysis Math Stretch (pgs. 70-78)----This is something we do with our math routines.  On Monday students are given a question to answer.  Each day has a different routine related to our question of the day:  count and tally, graph, record with different equations and write a story problem.  Students record this in their math journal.  As the year progress so do the questions.  We start with Yes/No graphs, followed by single loop, double loop and triple loop.  I use sorting hoops like these, however, my are magnetic and attach to my board. 
  • Number of the Day Math Stretch (pgs. 78-79)---This is my favorite math routine we do.  This year after weeks of modeling we used a notebook where everyone wrote their response and we discussed at the end of math class.
  • What's Next? Math Stretch (pgs 8--81)--I can't wait to use this.  My students have such a hard time with this concept.  This will become part of my routine this year.
  • How Did My Family Use Math Last Light? Math Stretch (pgs 81-84)---This will be interesting in my district.  I can't wait to see some of the responses I get.
  • Makes Me Think Of...Math Stretch (pgs 84-85)--WOW!  This is very new to me.  Can't wait to see this implemented.
Sammons discuss the importance of planning the math stretches.  She has a chart on pg 86 for suggestions on how to plan for a week.  She also discusses mathematical current events and classroom related responsibilities.

The last section of the chapter is devoted to the calendar board.  Every teacher in my school has an Every Day Counts calendar kit they we use.  We also add things as we see fit.  I would love to "beef up" my calendar. 

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