Monday, February 27, 2012

A Litttle Late...

First: TPT Leap Day Sale

I only have three items in my TPT store and I will put them on sale. Everything will be 20% off. Use coupon code L2P9Y for an addition 10% off for a total savings of 28%. Please click the picture to locate my TPT store.

Second: Permission to Pin

If you ever see something that you want to pin, feel free.

Third: Letters for the Dr. Suess Door

I made the letters for my door. I have also typed Dr. Suess quotes and printed them out and put them on my door. I left my camera at work so I will post pictures tomorrow. The children have been reading the door like crazy. They are also trying to find what book the quotes came from. Starting tomorrow I am going to let the door be a center during word work. I will upload this to TPT late tomorrow night. If you have a favorite quote you would like to be included in this pack leave me a comment below with the quote and the book it came from. I will choose one person from the comments to send this pack to. I will use the randon number generator. You have until 5:00 pm central time to comment. I wish I could offer this for free. However, I used designs from Scrappin Doodles, I must charge something for them. I hope to purchase a license to offer them for free by summer. Thanks for understanding.

I know this will be a little late for Dr. S day but I will have it posted in time for the TPT sale.


  1. Cute... I still have to do my door for Dr. Seuss!

  2. How Cute!
    My favorite is “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
    from I Can Read With My Eyes Shut.
    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  3. I've given you an award! Come on over to get it! Hope you have an awesome day!