Friday, June 10, 2011


I love Amazon! I live in a rural area and I usually have to drive at least 45 minutes to shop. Well, I wanted to order a pocket chart for my writing center. I think I am going to use this chart:

Purchased from Amazon for $10.19

I needed clothespins to add onto my bins and for general uses in the classroom. I purchased a pack of 100.

Purchased from Amazon: $7.99

I also got a new book for the first day of school:

Purchased from Amazon: $6.95

I know my deals are not great but they are on their way and I didn't have to leave my home and I also got free shipping! I try to only spend $30 a month in my classroom. After today I only have $5 left for the month.

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  1. I so understand, I too live in a rural community and closest store is 1/2 hour away that is Walmart/Kmart...Bigger stores are 45 mins away...I spend so much at Amazon, for work and home I ended up getting one their visa's so I could get points ...then I get gift cards to which I turn around and use for work items!