Thursday, June 9, 2011

What math program do you use?

With all the posts about math, math workstations, math activities and resources being posted has me wondering what math program you use?

Our school uses Investigations and we all have our own Every Day Counts calendar Kit.
I will be going to Math Training the Week of June 20 for my new grade level. I have a couple of questions for you all:

  1. What math program do you currently use?
  2. Are there any other second grades teachers that use Investigations?
  3. Do you have a calender time in your math class?


  1. Hi, Mechele!
    1. We use Everyday Math. This will be our second year, & I really like it.
    2. Not me.
    3. I use for calendar time & add in my own math -- counting coins & place value.

    Next year, I am planning to do a Smartboard calendar time.
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  2. Hello!
    We are using Math In Focus for the second year. We used Investigations before changing to Math In Focus. We also use Everyday Counts Calendar.
    I am looping to second grade next year. This will be my first year to use both programs in second. I would love to share ideas surrounding the calendar!
    Jenn W - no blog yet (I'm gearing up for that step!) just a blog stalker!

  3. Hi Mechele! I use Everday Calendar Counts in my 3rd grade classroom and I love! It provides so much extra reinforcement in probability, geometry, fractions and measurement. I was never able to include all of those in my own version of calendar. I love how you can pick a few elements to do each day so it only takes 10 min. or so. I don't do calendar until right after lunch as a lead in to my math. I use Everyday Mathematics. It includes a consumable workbook for practice. I have my kids do the math boxes as part of their morning work so I can provide lots of one on one or pull small groups. Then after my direct instruction, I can move to cooperative grouping and more groups. I am reading Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations so I may implement some changes...

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  4. We actually don't have any math program, but we do have a lot of resources to pull from-including Investigations. If I were teaching second I would definitely do a calendar activity. It'd be different from a K or 1 calendar. I've made one for my 3rd graders, but never implemented it like I wanted to.

  5. We use Everyday Math in grades K-5. I love it, and I believe it will help our teachers and kids transition nicely into the Common Core Standards because it is so problem-solving based.

    I do not do a calendar activity with 3rd graders.

    I hope you enjoy your week at your math workshop.

  6. I'm a bit late to comment here, but I just found your blog. It's great! Just wanted to say that this will be my third year to use Investigations and I love it.

    It provides students with a deeper understanding of the second grade math concepts rather than just moving on to bigger numbers. The students need to explain their thinking in a much more meaningful way than I've seen with other math programs.

    I'll look forward to learning how you like it!