Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer To Do List

Littlest Learners is having a Summer To Do List Linky Party!

Here is the list:

1. Organize my classroom--I will be moving into a new classroom and teaching a different grade than last year and I need to be organized! You can see pictures of my empty classroom HERE. Any ideas? I want to use a "team" theme in my classroom, so I need to get everything ready.

2. Improve Math Program-- We are getting a new math pacing guide in August that correlates our State Course of Study. Our county has the Harcourt Math Series, our school is AMSTI trained and we all have the Everyday Math Calendar kits. We are also receiving professional development training this summer in math at the local level. I thought I would join the Blog Book Study of Math Work Stations to further improve my math class. More information about the Blog Book Study can be found HERE. I also want to organize and label all of my math manipulates into a central location.

3. Classroom Blog--I want to explore options for having a classroom blog. Each teacher is required to have a website on our school page. However, I want to investigate the pros and cons for having a classroom blog.

4. Blog Reading--I want to spent time reading all the fabulous blogs! I hope to learn new things. I hope to improve my blog my reading all of yours!

5. Daily 5--I used the Daily 5 literacy centers in my kindergarten classroom last year. I need to update all the centers so they can be used in 2nd grade. We use the Storytown series. Is there anyone else who uses Storytown?

That is 5 big To Dos for me! I have until August 10 to get everything done!
I will be reading all the other To Do List at Littlest Learners and probably be adding to this one.

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