Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 5 of Cruise

This is the day our shipped docked in St. Marteen.

We did an ATV tour of the island.  Not much time was taken to stop and take pictures but we had fun.

The ATV tour took us to Orient Beach.  We were not thrilled with this beach because it was clothing optional.  This was not OK for a mom with 2 girls.  However, the water was pretty even though it had seeweed .

After the tour we were taken back to the ship where we had lunch.  After lunch we went exploring and done a little shopping.

This was also St. Patrick's Day so we all wore green to dinner.  For all of those that know Katie well you would be surprised to see her dancing with our waiter, Joseph.

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  1. Did y'all get to be good friends with your waiter or what? One of my pretty nieces!!