Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Things I've learned from Teaching {Linky Party}

Miss Kindergarten is hosting a linky party on 10 things you have learned from you teaching experience.  
In August I will start my 21st year in the classroom and here is a list of things I have learned over the years.

  1. THE WORLD WILL NOT END  if everything doesn't get done-- You must make time for yourself and your family. School can and will consume your life if you let it. A wise teacher once told me that I could work at school day and night and there would always be something else to do. 
  2. Your attitude is contagious. Students can pick up on your moods. I have found that when I am calm and soft spoken so are my children. If I am in a good mood and excited to start my day so are they.
  3. Be a team player. Don't work alone. Your school secretary, janitor and lunch staff can be your best friends. Avoid gossip at all costs! Never say anything that you don't want everyone else to know. However, keep all things said to you in confidence.
  4. When you leave at the end of the day have everything prepared for the next. Organization will be key. Make sure you have all your materials and copies ready for the coming day.   It will happen.  You will be out very unexpectedly.  Make friends with a teacher on your hall, in your grade.  Someone that will help you when you are in a bind.  Make sure you return the favor.
  5. Keep extra copies---We always have one child that for some reason doesn't want to go on our field trip and comes to school.  I send these extra copies with him to another teachers room for the day.  These should be items he/she can work on independently. 
  6. Communication is key--Parents want to me informed.  Check out what parents are saying about you or your school through social media.  This year parents vented concerns over reading homework rather than coming to the teacher.  We held a special meeting for the parents and were able to clear up many misunderstandings. 
  7. Develop think skin--With social media being so prevalent now, teachers are going to be talked about.  Don't let it bother you.  Parents are going to say good and bad things about you.  
  8. Stay Positive--There will be days when you want to quit.  Believe me, I have been there.  Just hang in there and it will get better.  Think of all the good things you have accomplished.
  9. It is OK to take a day off work---Enough said.  Your classroom can go one or two days without you in it. The children will be fine.
  10. Be flexible--Go with the flow and you will be fine.
I hope we all have a successful start to our school year!

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