Friday, August 3, 2012

Schedule Cards...Freebie

Did you use the Daily 5 and Cafe Headers from Amy at The Resource(ful) Room?  I did and I wanted my schedule cards to match the headers.  Amy and I worked collaboratively to created these schedule cards to match.

Blue Green Schedule Cards                                                           

Jungle Schedule Cards                                                           

Red Black Sign Schedule Cards                                                           

Yellow Black Schedule Cards                                                           

I hope you enjoy these!  Please leave a comment on which schedule cards you can use.  Please check out my new facebook page.  Don't forget to follow me here on my blog too!

Remember you can find matching Daily 5/Cafe Posters over at The Resource(ful) Room.

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  1. I'd love to download the Jungle ones, but it says they are not publicly available :(

    Math is Elementary

  2. I love the bumble bee ones! They go with my buggy theme. It wouldn't let me download them either. :(

  3. I think I have the links fixed. Please let me know if they don't work!

  4. Wow! These are awesome. Thanks for sharing but I wanted to download the blue and green cards but without the pictures of the subjects like on the pink and green card, I can't use them in my SIOP class.

    1. Melissa,
      Email me and we can work something out

  5. These are cute! Is there any chance your blue and green ones could have an owl instead of the flower??

  6. Adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. Please stop by my blog if you get a chance.
    Primary Paradise

  7. Thank you so much for sharing. I found your blog through the Resource Room and I am so happy I did. I am your newest follower!

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  8. Thank you for sharing! Is there a way to get the blue and green set without signing up for Scribd?