Monday, July 4, 2011

Postcard Exchange

Do you want to participate in a postcard exchange? I do!! Well, I was late to the party over at Primary Graffiti and my state was already taken. So I took Cheryl's advice and I am going to begin another exchange.

A postcard exchange is where 50 teachers
(one from each of our great states) agrees to have their students write and mail the postcards out to the other participants.

You will need 50 postcards. Mail out 49 postcards, keep one for yourself. You will need to purchase postcards and stamps.

I would like to open the exchange to all teachers who have a blog, website, wiki or any other means to share postcard exchange updates, pictures, etc... Don't worry if you don't have a blog yet. Kristen from Ladybug Teacher Files has done some wonderful tutorials on how to get a classroom blog started very quickly. This can be your opportunity to start one! I would like for all participants to be able to share in some form and a blog is super easy!

The exchange will be open on a first come, first serve basis. All participants should mail out their postcards by the end of October. The deadline is set to allow time for correspondence between participants throughout the upcoming school year. Look HERE to see if your state is available.

I would like for all participants to include an introduction to their classroom and a fact about their state. Please also include a line "want to learn more about ____________, just Skype us at _________" OR "want to learn more about __________, just contact us at ___________."

If you would like to join the exchange email me at
Please include in the email your name, state and blog. I will then send you a conformation email. If a reply isn't made within several days, I will select the next person available.


  1. I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading a lot of your posts. This postcard exchange sounds fun! It is too bad for right now I am jobless due to layoffs in my area!
    I will contiune to read your older posts !

    Happy Summer Break!

  2. Just sent you an email and I am so hoping NY isn't taken yet. I reposted about this on my blog too!
    Kinder By Golly

  3. Literacy Teacher--Thanks for following along. Hope the job market picks up in your area.

    Heather--Thanks for the repost. Just returned your mail.

  4. I'd like my class to join! From Wisconsin!!

  5. I'd love to join, Michigan!!! My weebly is :

  6. I'd like to join but I teach Pre-K do the kids need to be older to join. I am from Alabama and my email is

  7. I would like to join the exchange from Georgia...I haven't set up a blog email address is (personal) and work is

  8. I would like to join the postcard exchange from Minnesota, but unfortunately my email is not cooperating at the moment. I am sure my kindergarten kiddos would love it!!


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  9. Hi not sure if you have New Jersey all ready I teach kindergarten and I 'm interested in the project. I sent you an email about it. Please let me know.
    Thanks Gladys

  10. I am very excited to see this post. Being i am not a traditional teacher i would love to participate in this exchange or with any one specifically who would like to exchange classroom to classroom.

    I am the Assistant Club Manager to a Boys and Girls Club in Wisconsin. We have grades k - 8 who meet for an hour of academic enrichment daily. I would love to see a post card exchange as a part of my enrichment activities. I believe that Wisconsin is already taken but would love any school that is interested in an additional exchange to contact me!


  11. I am definitely interested - from Illinois! Is it ok if I have a teaching blog, but not a classroom blog?


  12. Just sent you an email! Thanks from Back in Fourth!