Monday, July 25, 2011

New School Year Resolutions

Clutter-Free Classroom is having a New Year Resolution Linky Party
and I thought I would join in.

It seems that at the start of each new year I always have the best intentions and somehow everything gets jumbled up during the year. With that in mind I am planning on two resolutions. One professional and one personal.

Professionally, I want to create and maintain and usefully and beneficial classroom blog for my students and parents. I would also like to use this blog to communicate with other classrooms. I stated my classroom blog using Ladybug Teacher Files Video Tutorials. This has given me a good start. However, the blog still needs more work. I would love to see some other examples. Teaching Happily Every After has a post on Ways to Spice Up Your Class Website. If you have a classroom blog please go to her sight and like up. If you have any ideas on things a class blog should include please leave me a comment. I will share my classroom blog once I have things looking a little better.

Personally, I want to improve my time management in and out of the classroom. It seems that there is always something going on that we have to fit into our schedules. I want to make sure I have all my priorities in order and that school work doesn't consume my life.

Now, if I only had someone to hold me accountable! Our students come back to school in three weeks so we shall see how it goes.

Head over to Clutter-Free Classroom and see what everyone's resolutions are.
Clutter-Free Classroom

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