Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Need a Little Help

Good Evening Blog Friends,
As you know I have moved to second grade. Our first social students unit covers the following standard.

Identify continents, oceans, and the equator using technology, maps, and globes.

· Identifying map elements, including title, legend, and scale

· Identifying intermediate directions

· Utilizing key elements on maps and globes to estimate routes

Example: using a map scale to estimate the shortest route from one state to another or from Birmingham, Alabama, to Athens, Greece

Do you have any good ideas for this? Anything on TpT?


  1. Wow! That is some standard! I teach 2nd also, I'll look to see where my standards match this and/or any items I can provide you. But yours is much more in-depth, by far!

  2. Do you know the continent song? It's to the tune of Frere Jacques. It goes:
    North America, South America,
    Antartica, Antartica
    Europe, Asia, Africa
    Europe, Asia, Africa

    My kids love to sing it and we point to the continents while we sing it.

    Primary Graffiti has a great continent book. My kids absolutely loved doing it.
    Here's the link http://primarygraffiti.blogspot.com/search/label/Continents

    Hope this helps!
    Swimming into Second

  3. Thank you so much! I just new my blog friends could help. Please keep the ideas coming!

  4. Face map. Tune: "A Tisket, A Tasket"

    Sing "Europe" as you hold out left hand high
    (sort of like you're "holding" the continent on top of your hand...
    Sing "Asia" as you hold out right hand high
    Sing "Africa" as you hold out left hand low
    Sing "Australia" as you hold out right hand low
    Move over to left
    Sing "North America" as you hold out left hand high
    Sing "South America" as you hold out left hand high
    sing "and Antarctica" as you hold hands down, palm down, and move as if you were rubbing a dog back and forth, only more quickly.

  5. I used the book Me on the Map last year when we covered maps and continents. When we finished we did a project where they had to label themselves on the map starting with the Earth and ending at our school. My principal loved it! I think it would be a great take home project to get parents involved. Seriously look into the book because it covers all of your standards! I hope this helps

  6. WOW! Great ideas! I have the book Me on the Map so I will definitely have to look into the project Mrs. Shepherd!
    Ms. S and Courtney I love the songs!

  7. We do an activity with a pizza box and some salt dough (homemade playdough). We get parent volunteers to get the pizza boxes and to make the dough. Then, after teaching about landforms and maps, whe have the kids design their own island including various landforms in the bottom of the box. Once it dries, they paint it and create a map with a key and a compass rose. They glue their map to the inside of the lid.

    We also do a treasure hunt around the school when we are learning to read maps. Parents come and the kids can wear pirate hats. We find
    "gold" coins.

    Also, I teach the kids the mnemonic "Never Eat Soggy Worms/Waffles" to help them remember the order of the directions.

    Fun 2B in First

  8. Mechele,

    You need to follow The Kennedy Korral. She is amazing and provides many fabulous resources for content to align with your request. Here's a link to The Kennedy Korral

    Primary Graffiti

  9. This may be a little advanced but you may be able to modify. I teach 4th grade and we created a Power Point using Google Earth. They went onto Google Earth and located where they live (North America, US, Louisiana, and so on). Copied each pin-pointed picture and copied into a different slide for each. Have your students do this with each continent.

    Check my blog for examples if you like..pwilson4.blogspot.com

  10. Thank you so much ladies! Keep the ideas coming. These are great!

  11. I have a few ideas posted on my blog...
    thekennedykorralblog.blogspot.com ... I hope they help!