Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Second Grade!

Next year I will be teaching 2nd grade! My room will be ready to be moved into in 24 hours! My floors have been cleaned and waxed overnight and just needs drying time. (YEA!)

I need your help. Please advise and give suggestions on how you would arrange your room.

Below is a picture taken from the doorway into my new classroom. I have a door that leads outside and a long bulletin board that spans the wall. On the front wall is a magnetic dry erase board. On the same wall as the door there is a 16 ft bookshelf that is bolted to the wall. I was thinking this would be a great place to organize centers.The last wall has a sink, a little storage and the children's closet. This is where the students will store their backpacks and coats.My first priority is to the students. I was told to prepare for 24 second graders. The children will sit in chairs not attached to the desk. The desk can be separate or placed in groups to form tables or pods. Below I have a picture of our student desks.

I also need to add a kidney shaped reading table, rug/meeting area, teacher desk, computer area.

OK--Let me know what you would do. Tell me about the favorite parts of your room. I have 10 weeks to come up with the perfect room for second grade!


  1. You will LOVE second grade! You have a nice, big room! Depending on how the kids interact next year, I would probably have 2 desks next to each other, or even in a pod to save area in the room! I haven't had much luck with having kids "doubled up" due to the area I work in I think this is a total "depending on the class/kid situation!"

    I also like my desk in the back of the room, I had it in the front, but feel that the back gives me even better eyes on my kiddos! And it is more out of the way! I have it in the back corner so I don't take up too much space, but enough for just me.

    Are those windows over there to the left? I rearranged my book shevles/reading area around my windows for next year, and my kiddos that I just ended with were in love with it.

  2. Alisha, We have no windows in the room only the door that leads outside to the parking lot. This will be a high traffic room due to the door from the parking lot. Many teachers park in this lot and walk through the room to get into the building. So this room has to be kept clean and organized. I am really thinking a pod is the way to go with desk arrangement. Thanks for the wonderful comments.