Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello June!

Long time folks!  I will tell you that May kicked my tail.  It was  more stressful than usual.  Let me tell ya my story.

I am one of two second grade teachers at my school.   The last Friday of school I took off to go with my daughter to Atlanta on her school field trip.  That was a busy day at work--Coworkers were finding out if they were moving rooms, changing grades, etc...  So here I am stuck on a field trip having a ball just being the parent, but, not knowing my fate.

So Saturday, my teaching buddy, called to let me know that she would no longer be my teaching partner.  She was changing halls and moving to 4th grade. WHAT!?!  

I return to work on Monday and my friends who are also on my hall tell me they are moving rooms.  WHAT!?!?  They (a resource teacher and aide) are moving to the other side of the hall.

We have four classroom on our hall. One classroom is our school's Book Room.  The three remaining rooms are classrooms.  Now, I am the only teacher remaining on our hall.

GOOD NEWS:  I am staying in my classroom and still teaching second grade.  But, with who?
BAD NEWS:  I am the only one to make grade level decisions.  I will have to attend all the curriculum planning workshops the first week of June.

We have a couple of empty classrooms in our school.  So over night on Monday, those rooms were cleaned, floors were waxed to prepare for a new classroom.  So, my two teaching friends were able to start moving and setting up new classrooms after school beginning on Tuesday.  Their goal was to be completely out of their rooms by the end of the week.

On Wednesday, I received an email saying to begin getting my room ready to close and have things up off my floor.  Thursday (the last day for students) I was supposed to have my student desks, and all other furniture in the lunchroom before I left for the day.  Our hall was going to be the first hall cleaned over the summer and that I would be able to get back into my room by the 2nd week of June.  Well, things never go as planned...

The Last Day of School Arrives, everyone is thrilled.  I taught math first thing in the morning, so we did math centers on the last day.  Imagine our classroom, math centers are everywhere.  At 8:30 am we are asked to clean up everything and someone would be by in thirty minutes to move our desks and furniture.  WHAT?!?

Well, after my initial shock, this is a great thing.  I didn't have to move any furniture!  YEA!  The children were thrilled.  We were asked to spend our last day anywhere but in our classroom.  We made in fun!  We visited third grade friends, watched a movie with the entire school and played on the playground.  It was a great Last Day.

On Friday, I completed all my work from the school library.  Right before I was leaving, I was told my floor was dry and I could move all the furniture back into my room.  Then, our nice worker said if I could stay for a few extra minutes, they would move my furniture for me.  All I had to do was tell them were to put everything!  PERFECT!!!

So I left my room with clean floors and my furniture placed right were it needed to be.  Take a look--

A rug will go here before school starts back

Now, here is the mess left behind.

I will have my work cut out for me to get this all put back up. 
Here is to a great month ahead!


  1. Hey girl! I applied for an opening at your school!


    1. Let me know if you get an interview! We will have to get together again!

  2. OMG! There is NO way I could have had everything off the floor and furniture ready to move in 30 mins! I can't believe you pulled that off, even with the crazy mess. But how nice it must be to have your room done. Our school does 1/2 your floor (entire school) and then goes back through, pushes furniture on the done 1/2 and does the other 1/2. The whole process takes over a month! We do have 52 classrooms (and still short 2 needed next year - yikes!), but we only have 7 weeks off, so we don't have much time to get our rooms back in order after they finish the floors.
    Happy summer!!

    1. It was wild! I am glad it is done. Enjoy your summer!