Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pinterest Blogger Exchange

First, Let me begin by letting you know how sorry I have been for not posting by now.  You know how life goes.  I take my hat off to all you bloggers who can work, spend time with your family and still blog.  Please let me know how you do it.

I participated in the Pinterest Blogger Exchange and received the fabulous gift from Amy.  I Love, Love, Love it!   It fits perfect with my home! It looks great on my kitchen table.  

It is a yellow pot with green ribbon.  Inside the pot came a post it holder, chalk, notepad and great pens.  These pens are no longer in my possession.  My two girls loved them and are now using them.  I am just thrilled that Amy sent two.  :)

I plan to use it at school next year to hold supplies on my desk.  I just can't bring myself to take it to school right now because it looks so good on my table!
Thank you so much Amy!

I am sure you guys know Amy, from The Resource(ful) Room.  If not you really need to check out her blog!


I sent my gift to Lisa over at Live, Laugh, and Love to Learn.  This is also a great blog with wonderful ideas.  Please head on over there and look around.

Live Laugh and Love to Learn

I created a fleur de lis wall hanging from a frame and scrapbook paper using a cricut.

I also made Disney coasters.  This was so much fun to make!  
This photo is from Lisa' blog, it was so much better than my photo.  I hope you don't mind me using it.

Want more information on the exchange?  Want to see what everyone else got?  
Then, head on over to Teacher Blooger Exchange


  1. The label on the front of the flower pot is chalkboard, you can change it up if you want - that's the reason for the chalk!! So glad you liked it!! My daughter loved the pens too and ended up making her own! I totally understand the busyness of life! I've been slacking on my blog lately too!