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Guided Math Book Study {Chapter 1}

I'm a little late to this party/link up, thanks to life's little turns and twists.  But that's what make life so fun.  Right?

Chapter 1 begins with a brief discussion of how math was taught years ago, followed by an introduction to the instructional components of the Guided Math Model.  It also gives a brief overview of how this would look in a classroom.

Instructional Components of the Guided Math Model

  • A Classroom Environment of Numeracy 
This is a math rich environment.   Sammons writes on pg 18 "An organized mathematical support system for students requires that we encourage children to use manipulatives, compute, compare, categorize, question, estimate, solve problems, converse and write about their thinking process."  More information about this will be in Chapter 2.

  • Morning Math Warm-Ups and Calendar Board Activities  
According to the book these warm up takes place in the morning and will start your day.     I still wonder about the arrangement, setup of the calendar is the second grade classroom.  We will find more information and ideas in Chapter 3.
  • Whole Class Instruction
A very traditional instructional method that has a place in the Guided Math Model.  This can be used to introduce the concept to all students.  More information can be found in Chapter 4.
  • Guided Math Instruction with Small Groups of Students
How often do we use this model in our reading instruction?  I think it is time to incorporate this in our math instruction.  "This allows teachers to closely observe student work, monitor student attention, provided strong support for struggling learns and provide extra challenges for proficient learners." write Sammons on page 21.  Check out Chapter 5 for more information.
  • Math Workshop
This is what the children are doing while you meet with a group.  I think math workshop is essential. With the help of my AMSTI specialist I was able to successfully implement a math workshop in my room.  I will tell you all about it during Chapter 6.
  • Individual Conferences
WOW!  This is an area that I need to work on.  This is something my entire faculty has chosen to focus on this year.  In the fall, my school is to begin a book study on Number Talks by Sherry Parrish.  This is also covered in Chapter seven in Guided Math.

  • An Ongoing System of Assessment
This is how you determine your groups.  What assessment to you use?  I can't wait to read Chapter 8 so I can learn more about the different types of assessments.

I was trained with the AMSTI model for math instruction and we use the Investigations math series.  I think this lends itself to the Guided Math Model.  In our program we currently have in place whole group instruction, math workshop and a  number of the day routine. I need additional work with structuring and implementing my guided math instruction.  I am lacking with ongoing assessment and individual conferences.  I how to improve these areas over the summer.

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