Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study Grades 1-3 {Chapter 2}

I am thrilled to reread the Daily 5 written by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser known as “the sisters” and participate in this book study.

Chapter 2: From “Management” to “Principled Habits”: Foundations of the Daily Five

In the chapter the “sisters” outline and describe the core foundations the Daily 5 was built on.


These two sentences on page 18 stood out for me.

• “Meaningful learning requires respect between the teacher and students as well as among the students themselves.”

• “When trust is combined with explicit instruction, our students acquire the skills necessary to become independent learners”

This is the hardest for me, personally. I think some children thrive on structure. Choice is something that I haven’t used in my classroom. I have told my students which station I want them to go to. This will be something I will need to work on in the fall.

• I love the questions half way down on page 20. These questions teach how to make good decisions.


The heart of our classroom, all teachers want to create a classroom community where students fell safe to explore, create and learn.

• I love the sentence that begins the last paragraph on page 21. “A sense of community provides members with ownership to hold others accountable for behaviors of effort, learning, order and kindness.”

Sense of Urgency

Understanding the “why”


This is being compared to an athlete in training for a competition. The authors encourage use to think in the same way. Students will work each day to build their stamina to work independently.

Stay Out Of The Way

How hard is this? I am guilty of what they discuss on page 25 “…they had anchored their behavior to our reactions. We had unwittingly taught them to rely on our reinforcement to keep them on-task.” This is so easy to do.

I hope you will follow along with our book study. I will share the things that worked for me in my second grade classroom, as well as, ideas I have planned for next year.

The hosts for Chapter 2: From “Management” to “Principled Habits”: Foundations of the Daily Five

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