Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 {Clutter-Free Classroom Project}

Now that I had a plan, I was able to purge the clutter!

I have worked super hard this week. I came in on Monday while my daughter was at a birthday party and worked after school Tues and Wed. I think I have accomplished so much. I started by working in small areas and organized as I went. You can find my before pictures HERE.

I began by getting the large garbage can on wheels that stays in the hall. I was able to fill it half full just by doing an immediate clean sweep of things that went into the trash.

I then placed everything I wanted to keep in one location in the classroom.

I went through it a second time and either gave it to a fellow teacher, recycled it, tossed it our put it away. I threw away lost of extra papers and things that didn't work. I recycled a broken desk, and gave others teachers resource books I no longer use and extra supplies.

I generally has two bags of extra trash a day.

The only thing that I haven't started on yet was tackling all the extra papers. My plan is to keep one copy and send the rest home with the children for extra practice.

If you get a chance please vote for me. You have until Thursday!

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  1. I would love to visit the old schoolhouse where your Dad went to school...just let me know when. I will bring my Nikon along. :)