Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Math Work Stations Blog Party Week 3

This week the Math Work Stations Blog Party is focusing on Chapter 4: Beginning number Concepts Work Stations.

This chapter has a great deal of information and ideas. I am trying hard not to feel overwhelmed, especially after reading all the wonderful responses this week. I think it is important to remember baby steps. I am also having trouble adjusting my thinking from kindergarten to second grade standards.

Below I will give my answers to the guiding questions on our Math Work Stations Book Mark that I got from Deedee Wills over at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.

How will you support math vocabulary (math talk) at the Beginning Number Concepts stations?
  • As with anything you must model.
  • I will use math talk cards
  • I want to create "I Can" charts and "Anchor Charts" with the children.
How will your students read, write, order, represent, or compare numbers? What activities support that?
  • My school uses the Investigations program with Harcourt Math and Everyday Counts Calendar as supplemental resources. The Investigations program begins the year with several games that can be used in the Math Stations after being modeled and practiced. These games include: cover and count, make 10, double it, double arrays and magic pot.
  • During the first few weeks of school we review basic addition factions and our first math unit is place value.
  • If anyone has any tutorials on how to spruce up some of my games please let me know and I will be glad to share.

What is your student's favorite number concepts work station/activity?
  • It has been 4 years since I last taught second grade. The last time I taught 2nd grade, the students loved number of the day. This is the activity where the students written different expression that equals today's number. I want to include this in my math workstations. I am thinking about placing a journal in the tube and have the students record their answers there.
Fran from Kindergarten Crayons is hosting this weeks Math Work Stations Blog Party. Her post is fabulous and she offers many free downloads. A Big Thanks to Fran for all her hard work.


  1. I know just how you are feeling. I am also moving from Kindergarten to 2nd this fall. I haven't taught 2nd in about 20 years! We will do just fine. Look at all of your resources and tweak what you have. Differentiate and think of ways to increase "math talk" and "math writing" and that is the important parts. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Jayne
    I agree that "math talk" and "math writing" are the important parts.

  3. Mechele,
    Thank you so much for linking up with me and loved reading your honest post. I think you both will be far better teachers based on your kindergarten knowledge. I wish more second grade teachers has this kind of background. Do not let any of this overwhelm you. You are so right... baby steps and learn the curriculum for your grade level. We have more than enough to think about-right?