Monday, May 16, 2011

Something New

Ok--I saw this on Teaching Blog Addict and I thought this may solve a problem that I have when I take pictures at school. It is a LightScoop. I can teach my child! has reviewed this product and is using it as a giveaway prize
From their website, "Lightscoop® is a smart low-tech device that creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera’s pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall."

Our lunchroom doesn't have great light and a flash must be used. The pictures still don't turn out all that great. I may have to invest in this for myself and see how it works out for me. If I do, I let you know how it goes.

Personally, I own a Nikon D5000. It has been all over the place with me and I'm very happy with it. I would love to experiment with the LightScoop.

Head over to I can teach my child! and read about and enter the giveway!

I Can Teach My Child

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