Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ABC Summer Countdown Conclusion

Wow! The past few days has been busy! We had lots of end of the year things to take care of.

Last Monday was the Letter "R" in our Countdown.
We wore red to school.
We Returned our books that we used for guided reading back to the Resource Room. Our resource room is in the process of being cleaned and reorganized for next year. Sorry the picture doesn't do our room justice.
Last Tuesday we celebrated the letter "P" by playing hard on field day. This was an entire day devoted to play. Our coach does a wonderful job with this. I do not have any pictures of this day because I was not at school. I went with my 7th grade daughter on her field trip to Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain in Attalla, AL.
Wednesday was the letter T". We wore Team shirts.
We worked as teammates to clean and prepare our room for Thursday. Thursday was our awards day and our parents took home the student's larger items from the classroom. I bought a new school shirt just for today and I love it. The back of my new shirt is pictured below:

Thursday was our end of the year program and awards ceremony. The students did a fabulous job! This was also our "U" day. I did not like saying we had "unwanted items' , but, I did. The students took home items we no longer needs. Our room looks so empty.

On Friday, I was out again. I went with my 5th grade daughter to Stone Mountain State Park in Georgia. However, I left the children with an video. I am sure the children enjoyed the treat.

Yesterday, we had to combine letters. Our school missed two days in late April due to the severe tornadoes that came through our area. We did not have to make the days up at the end. So, the end of the year countdown is a little off. We had the letters "W" and "X". My "Wonderful" students "eXchanged" autographs.

Today the letters "Y" and "Z" was the focus in our classroom. We wore "Yellow" and "Zoomed" out of here!"
Today was the students last day of school. Wow! This year flew by.

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