Sunday, May 15, 2011


Did I mention that I was a blog stalker? I'm pretty sure I did!

Well, I found another "new to me" blog. Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas is a third grade blog with lots of wonderful ideas. She is hosting a giveway. Which I so need to win! (Changing grade levels and all that...)
So head on over and see all the great things she has going on.


  1. Thank you for posting about my blog! I'm now following you TOO! I love your post about hanging things in the is so true, school IS NOT over yet! So many teachers forget that, then they wonder why their kids are so bad...the teacher sets the tone that time is up and the kids react to that! Keep up the hard work, you're the kind of teacher I use to want for my personal children! :)

  2. Thank you for playing ~ you won, you won!
    I just sent you an email ~ please let me know what $10 worth of items you would like from my TPT Store!
    Thanks for playing!