Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2 of Cruise

Land Ahoy!
We arrived in Nassau on Sunday morning. We were here for only 5 hours so we decided just to take a self guided walking tour that I had found at Frommers. I modified the tour to fit our needs and interests. Who knew that my family and friends would trust me enough to plan a self guided tour of a city that I have never been to?

We chose the furtherest point we wanted to visit and hired a taxi to take us there. The walk would have been uphill so we thought we would save our energy. The taxi took us to Fort Fincastle. We explored and toured the grounds. Fort Fincastle was built on the highest point of the island as a lookout in 1793. The fort provided a great view of our ship in port.

It was a short walk to the Queen's Staircase. The Queen's Staircase is a set of 65 steps that was carved out of the natural limestone. It is 102 feet tall, and was named in honor of Queen Victoria. Now, you tell me what queen would climb 65 steps to get to the top. Call me lazy, but, we started at the top and went down. Everybody know that downhill is easier than uphill.

After touring the Staircase we walked back through town. The walk was nice and not very crowded at all. Since it was a Sunday morning not many people were out. About the only people we saw were other tourists, unless they were working in a store or driving a cab. Once in town, we walked through the shops and just looked around.

We were back on the boat in time for lunch. After lunch we went to the pool and played until dinner. This night was our first formal night of the cruise. My family had a loose interpretation of formal. It was nice to get dressed up and have dinner together.

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