Wednesday, August 1, 2012

101-200 Number Chart

This year I wanted a number chart that went to 200.  I looked everywhere and I couldn't find one.  So I had to make my own. 

I had two 100 pocket charts.  I hung them together and made number cards from 101-200.  I even made multiple colors like the chart orginally had.  This is the result.


I am slowly getting everything ready for the start of school.  Teachers return on August 13 and students return on August 20.  It will be here before we know it.


  1. Thanks for the numbers!! I would love to extend my hundreds chart too for Common Core standards & this will do it! :)
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  2. I've looked for extended 100s charts too and no luck! When I click on the link, it says it's set to private and access is denied! Oh no!

  3. I tried to extend my hundreds chart too! Now we just need one that goes to 1,000. Ha!

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  4. Thanks, Mechelle! I like having numbers to 200 also. This will be perfect.

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