Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Test Motivation

As a second grade teacher I don't administer any state standardized test.  However, our school supports each other.  The kindergarten, first and second grade classes adopt a third or fourth grade class during testing time to help motivate the students to do their best.

This year my class adopted a fourth grade class.   Here is what we did to show our support.

First we hung three signs in their classroom.


Then I used Farley's (Oh' Boy 4th Grade) Idea with the Bunny Peeps.  Here is how our turned out.

I didn't like what we printed so I changed it to these.

We used Water Bottle Labels from Dot-n-Spots.com.  She has the water bottle printable for free at her site.  The children and teacher loved this idea!

Later this week we will give them pencils and cookies.

We will give students one sharpened pencil with an extra eraser.  We will attached this paper to each pencil.

We will also give them a cookie.  I will put one cookie in a snack size back and attach one of the "Smart Cookie" papers.

If you would like any of these please click HERE or on the photo.  I upload them in google docs.

I was tagged by Emily over a 2nd Grade Mon-"Stars".

Here Are The Rules:
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1.  What grade levels/subject areas have you taught?
I have taught kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grades.

2.  What is one thing you always have in your "teaching bag"?
It changes so much that I don't think anything is the same.

3.  What is the funniest thing a kid has shared with you this year?
I honestly can't think of a thing.  Sorry!

4. What is one thing you are already planning for next year?
I am planning on doing something completely different with my literacy centers.  I will share this with everyone once I have everything planned.

5.  What has been the best moment this school year?
When I was voted "Teacher of the Year" by my peers

6.  What are your Summer Plans?
I have a beach trip planned, and I will be shuffling my children between band and cheer practice.  

7.  What is the best workshop/conference you have been to?
My favorite was the last conference I went to in which I learned how to make a podcast.  I hope to be sharing some of these this summer.

8.  What is your top go to website for free Lesson ideas?
My Google Reader--Other bloggers are awesome!  I love to search their blogs for ideas.

9.  What is one thing non-educational you hope kids leave your classroom with?
Positive Attitudes--I teach my children they can do anything they put their minds to.

10.  What is your best time-management tip? 
Set a timer.  It has kept me on schedule many times!

If you haven't been tagged please join in--Consider yourself tagged.  Just answer the same questions that I did!  Thanks Emily!


  1. What a sweet idea to adopt a class! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. That's a really great idea. I keep meaning to do that for the Grade 4s when they do their SFA's ... but never remember until they're over. Hmmm....maybe THIS will be the year!

    Grade ONEderful