Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas In July Book Exchange

I participated in the Christmas in July Book Exchange.

Here is what arrived in the mail from my new friend Jacqi.

I received a host of ideas from this book, including, a class book idea, grammar fun, creating a comic strip and contraction action. She even sent me examples from children! How cool is that?

I sent my book to Jacqueline (Jacqi) over at It's all Good n'da Hood. I sent LaRue Across America by Mark Teague. I chose this book because so many of us will be participating in postcard exchanges. LaRue travels acrosss the US (about 12 states) writing postcards to Mrs. Hibbins.

You can give your children a blank map and have them color in the states that LaRue visits or you can plot the states on a map. I chose to send a sequencing activity. Students will look at the landmarks and put them in order by how they traveled in the story. Students can also choose landmark cards and make a travel brochure.

LaRue Across American Sequencing

Thanks to Randi over at How About Them Apples?, Nicole at First Grade OWLS and Jackie at Here We Go Loopty Loo for organizing the book exchange.

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