Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thinking of next year.....

Time 4 Kindergarten is having a Linky Party! The topic:

How I leave this school year prepared for the next school year.

WOW! This is a tough question for me because I don't know what grade I will be teaching yet. So, as I'm putting away the kindergarten materials, I am bringing out the materials that can be used for second or third grade classroom. The things that I have been doing so far will benefit me in any grade level that I may go to.

  1. I am organizing my math manipulatives in tubes, bins, etc... I am reorganizing my math cabinet. I will need to make new math labels for the containers.

  2. In kindergarten, I loved the Daily 5. So I have been reading Persnickety Pickles blog and learning about how she is using the Daily5 in her second grade class. I am also looking for second or third grade blogs that use the Harcourt Storytown Reading Series.

  3. I am a blog stalker of many blogs and I am jealous that I don't yet know how to give my documents some “bling”. I have recently purchased graphics and I am going to learn how to use them to spruce up some of my things. I would love to share them with you. If you can give me any advise please do!

  4. I have been working on my blog. I would love for you to give me some input on how to improve! Currently I have been experimenting with different types of posts. I was thrilled when I upload a video and used google docs. Again offer any advice, please...

I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else prepares for the new year. I hope to find out my grade level within the week. Please follow me on my journey as I prepare for a new school year, in a new grade level.


  1. Good idea about making math tubs. When I taught first, I kept each material in a central place so I could pass them out to table groups but in third grade I store an entire table groups materials (rulers, dice, money, calculators, mini multiplication charts and hundreds charts, tape measures,etc.) in one tub labeled with their table numbers. I do keep separate tubs for pattern blocks and base ten blocks though- one per table group.

    Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library

  2. Thanks for joining the Linky Party
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  3. I would love any info you would like to share about Daily 5 in Kindergarten. This book is on my summer reading list and I am hoping to implement it next year.