Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kindergarten Giveaway

I discovered a "new to me" kindergarten blog.

She has some great things going on with her blog. She is also having a giveaway for reaching 100 followers.

She is giving away either her Beauty & the Beast unit or her Peter Pan unit, winner's choice!

Each unit includes:
*venn diagram comparing story characters {Beauty} or settings {Peter Pan}.
*flash cards to 100 counting by 5s & 10s.
*hidden sight word picture.
*count & graph math activity.
*ABC order character/name match-up.
*writing prompt stationery.
*real vs. nonsense word Write the Room cards & recording sheet.
*class inventory questionnaire & accompanying graph.
*cut & glue finish-the-pattern activity.

1 comment:

  1. Mechele! You won!! Thanks for posting about my blog...your kindness has just come back to you. ;) Leave me your email and let me know which unit you'd like!