Monday, April 4, 2011

Grand Cayman

The first stop on our Western Caribbean Cruise was the island of Grand Cayman. We had to tender at this stop-- we got off the boat and onto a smaller one that took us to shore.

We were very excited because we booked a stingray and snorkel excursion with Captain Marvin. We had to walk a couple of blocks to his office. We were given directions via email and didn't have any problems finding the office. While we waited for our excursion time we walked around the streets.We were taken by van to the boat. There were approximately 20 others on this tour. The boat was in excellent condition and the crew seemed very friendly. Our first stop was at the Stingray Area. This was by far the best part of the excursion. The staff was extremely helpful. They helped everyone. There was even a photographer that took pictures that you could purchase (which I did).
The last two stops were the snorkeling stops. This did not go well for us. Jason got off the boat and snorkeled a little and took these pictures: The girls and myself did not even get off the boat because we did not know how to snorkel and were given minimal instructions by the crew, who were still on board. The girls were scared because the water was over their heads and they have never done anything like this before. If I had to do this again, we would practice snorkeling in our pool. Even though we did not enjoy our snorkeling, the stingrays made the trip worthwhile. The photographs I purchased were priceless. A few of the photos that I purchased are below.

Jason, Katie and Abby should each recieve seven years of good luck because they kissed the stingray.

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