Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 1 of Western Carribean Cruise

We took our second cruise the week of March 13. We drove 10 hours to Tampa and got a room in town. So we stayed in for the night and ordered a pizza from Dominoes and it was awful. However, this did not damped our spirit because we would be on the boat tomorrow. We forgot about the time change so we lost an hour driving to Tampa and we lost another hour because of daylight savings time. So we woke up at 8 but, it was really 10 am. We ate breakfast at the hotel and then drove to the port. We really did not have any problems here. We drove up to valet parking, unload our bags and got in line. The line was long but is was moving quickly. The entire staff was friendly and we had no problems. After our boarding photo we were on the ship. We ate lunch, found our room, attended the muster drill, and found us a spot on deck so we could watch the sail away from Tampa.

The girls loved to look at the painted tanks. My two children took the pictures of the tanks.

About two hours after we departed we passed under the Skyway Bridge. All I can say is WOW! That was a sight I will not soon forget. At first you didn't think the ship would make it under the bridge but it did. I thought of this as a small bonus with the cruise.

We then explored the ship and went to dinner. We had anytime dining and it was wonderful! We never had a wait. The only difference from last time is that we always sat at a booth and not a table to we didn't get any family photos together in the dining room.

We had a wonderful first day to our cruise. Up next, our first sea day....

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