Sunday, April 25, 2010

To God Be the Glory

"To God Be the Glory" was the name of the song that was sung as today's special during worship service.  Among the destruction of the path of the storms in Mississippi,  God was still in control.  Alabama only received winds and rain.  As we watched the weather reports on the television, we had our front door open.  Most people would hear the thunder, however, we heard our wind chimes.  We have a few on our front porch and we rarely hear them.  However,  yesterday and today with the wind, our chimes have been working non stop.  It was a beautiful sound. 

This is a picture of our newest wind chime.  We purchased this one on the island of St. Maarten.  For all we know it was made in China.  We bought it because we liked it!  It is supposed to be made out of coconut and bamboo. 

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